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Due to COVID-19 we are currently limiting patients to VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS ONLY. These can be performed using a smart phone or computer via our website by clicking on the name of your doctor as listed below.  Your urologist's office will contact you either by phone, email, or mail with your appointment date and time.

Ten minutes before your appointment time you must register for your virtual appointment using the link for your doctor below. This will open a separate page where you simply enter your name. This is only visible to office staff. At this point you will be placed in a "virtual waiting room" and your appointment will be conducted at the appropriate time.   It is not necessary to activate the camera feature if you do not wish.

All physicians will use their best efforts to protect patient privacy in the provision of virtual care. By clicking the link below, you provide consent to use virtual care. There are increased privacy risks associated with electronic communications. A physical examination cannot be performed.  You, the patient, are encouraged to take steps to participate in virtual care encounters in a private setting and through the use of your own personal electronic device/computer.

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