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Suite 207, 1015 Regent Street

Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 6H5

Dr. Liam Hickey

506.457.4783 (T)

506.300.0401 (F)

Canadian Urological  Association Profile

Admin: Darlene

Dr. Morgan MacDonald

506.454.3716 (T)

506.300.0480 (F)

Admin: Kim

Dr. Jill Hudson

506.459.6601 (T)

506.459.6667 (F)

Canadian Urological Association Profile

Admin: Cheyenne

Dr. Anjali Lobo

506.458.0310 (T)

506.300.0385 (F)

Admin: Nathalie

PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAILS FOR URGENT MEDICAL ISSUES.  We cannot guarantee a reply to your email.  Email is received by an administrative assistant and not by a doctor.  Medical questions will not be addressed via email unless previously agreed to. New patients are by referral only, as mandated by New Brunswick Medicare.  Email requests for consultation will not be accepted.

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