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Prostate Cancer Screening NB

Prostate cancer screening should begin at age 45 for men with a father or brother with prostate cancer, and at age 50 for most other men.  Prostate cancer screening should not be performed after 70 years of age.

To inquire about prostate cancer screening, please complete THIS FORM or call (506) 458-0310.  If you call the clinic, you will be asked a few questions to see if you qualify. A blood test will then be organized at your local health care centre. Once the result is available, you will be given an appointment, where you will have a prostate exam. Based on your age, blood test, physical exam, and other factors, you will receive recommendations.

Before you see your urologist, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire (click here).  Don't worry if you do not have a printer.  We will provide you a copy when you arrive at the clinic.

Please note that we are not a substitute for a family doctor or nurse practitioner.  Your appointment will be only for prostate cancer screening.  

For more information, please visit or check us out on Twitter @ProstateNB 

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